Today is January 18th, Martin Luther King jr. Day in American. Today we celebrate a man who worked almost his entire life to end segregation and racism. A man who is honored at our nation’s capital, countless other places across America, and even over the entrance of Westminster Abby.

Today we celebrate more than we might on a typical Monday; we look back, not only at the history of a man, but also at the history of a movement that sculpted 1960s America. …

Social Media intersects our lives in various different degrees of intensity. Since 2008, the number of users has grown rapidly. In February of 2019, 72% of the adults in the U.S. used at least one social media platform. Activity levels on these platforms have also experienced a sharp increase as we cope with stay-at-home orders and the lack of social interaction that comes with them. This desire for new forms of social interaction and connection during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a spike in social media activity.

A study from Pew Research shows that social media sites are outstripping print…

In 2016, PEW Research released a poll showing the ever widening gap between the two mainstream political parties. This gap, which reached a record level high under the Obama Administration, continues to grow under the Trump Administration. President Trump, his allies, and those who oppose him have done little to help unite our increasingly divided country.

This split on issues has grown rapidly in the past 20 years. In 2014, 92% of Republicans were more conservative leaning than liberal. Compared to 70% in 2004 and 64% in 1994. While Democrats stood at 94% in 2014. An increase from 68% in…

The Biweekly Digest

Every two weeks, I write my thoughts on past or current social and political issues occurring in American or around the world from a Libertarian perspective.

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